Posted By Anna Pattison  
16:08 PM

Cupping is a fantastic treatment technique osteopaths use to assist with injury and pain management. 

The benefits of cupping include;

  • reduce pain and inflammation 
  • enhance blood circulation
  • redice swelling 
  • decompress joints 
  • improve lymphatic drainage 

Areas of the body and injuries that respond well to cupping include;

  • neck and upper back pain 
    - postural pain
  • shoulder pain 
    - rotator cuff, adhesive capsulitis, muscle injury etc 
  • back pain 
    - muscle injury, nerve entrapment, ligament sprain 
  • knee pain 
    - arthritis, bursitis, muscle injury

If you have tried cupping before and love it, you should try mobile cupping. Traditional cupping has the cups in the same place while they are being used, while mobile cupping involves moving the cups in the direction of the muscle fibres. This can be an intense technique with some level of discomfort, however, it can have great benefits. 

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