November 2023

Suffering bursitis?

Posted By Anna Pattison ,
21/11/2023 07:23 AM
Are you experiencing the following: swelling  heat around the painful area  pain with movement  stiffness  redness of the affected area If you are experiencing...


Posted By Anna Pattison,
08/11/2023 16:08 PM
Cupping is a fantastic treatment technique osteopaths use to assist with injury and pain management.  The benefits of cupping include; reduce pain and inflammation  enhance blood...

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Posted By Anna Pattison,
08/11/2023 16:00 PM
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Carpal Tunnel syndrome is compression of the Median Nerve as it passes underneath the transverse carpal ligament at the front of the hand.  The symptoms often include: ...